LeBron James Reacts to Amassing Zero Votes for NBA's Best Player


So we see this tweet from NBA Central 10 Scouts and executives voted on the best players heading into the 2021 2022 season. Yanez five votes, Kevin Durant five votes and LeBron James zero votes, and I guess this poll was done. Via ESPN, and LeBron sees it. And LeBron, of course, has to respond to it. Now let me remind you This was a few weeks back. Where the trade did go down with Russell Westbrook. And then the Lakers also acquired Carmelo Anthony LeBron James took to Twitter and you may not remember this tweet because he posted and then quickly deleted it and LeBron James said. Keep talking about my squad. Our age is the way he plays. He stays injured. We're past our time in this league, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Do me one favor, please. And I mean, please keep that same narrative energy. When it begins. That's all I ask. Thank you. I think he meant negative energy, but he he wrote narrative energy. Or maybe they're supposed to be a comma or period somewhere in that place. But you get the point. LeBron James, and I don't have a problem with him using this as motivation, right? Sometimes you use things as motivation. And you go. Yeah, that's not authentic. Like. Does anyone seriously believe that the Lakers don't have a shot to get to the NBA Finals this year? Especially with how I just laid it out. The Lakers just won a championship two years ago. Right? So now I'm going to say after one season later. Headed into them. It would be two seasons later. Oh, yeah. LeBron and Anthony Davis. No shot to win a championship like give me a break. And today LeBron sees this poll done by ESPN and he goes. Thank you. As if I didn't need more fuel if I didn't need more gas to fuel me. And then hashtag. Wash King.

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