John Zmirak Details All the Times George W Bush Mislead the People


So in my columnists dream dot org w. e. hardly knew i go through all the times. George w bush misled us when on the campaign trail. He promised a modest are policy modest foreign policy. This man who proceeded to try to build a global empire. My theory on what motivated w though is a is a simple one. When he was collecting his gentleman sees at yale. I'm he wasn't known for schoolwork but he was known for before drinking a lot and playing risk. Remember that team risk. We used to play by certainly do back. In the days of the board games bright he played it every night at yale. And you and i know from having played what is the key to winning. Where's controlling the middle east. That stuck in judges head very little else. That happened second said. But i think control the middle east. That kinda stuck stuck in their long with the advice from his dad's oil buddies. I first of all spent the summer of two thousand one. Ignoring the i reports al-qaeda plans to fly airliners into us buildings there were reports. We've seen them they. He just didn't act on. The planes hit the buildings. What does he do he flies. Every member of the bin laden family out of america instance. First thing he does every member the bin laden family he gets them safely the country. Okay break this down hold on break it down for me and my audience the family. Why are they saudi friends. Who are they yes. They weren't saudi friends his and made sure that every member of that family was safely removed from the country. Within twenty hours was on top priority. He summoned a group of of of muslim leaders and held a press conference the next day calling islam. A religion of peace and saying these attacks had nothing to do with jihad and nothing to do with islam. That was a lie that he maintain all through his eight years in office. That jihad has nothing to do with islam. Al qaeda has. It's just a weird wild perversion of islam. As opposed to what you and i know that it is simply orthodox islam put into practice period. He lied about that he knew better. He lied he lied to america. Ocoee covered up the connections of the saudi arabian government to al-qaeda and now the fbi just last weekend revealed some of the details that at least one. Saudi diplomat in the us was paying for the hotel rooms of the hijackers before they did the hijack.

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