What we've gone through in this industry


What your make Sure you know what you're being charged by these places because there's a reason that they've got commercials on during NFL games, Okay? And I don't care what the name of the company is. It doesn't matter to me what the name of the company is. Okay when they're spending marketing dollars like that Their game is marketing dollars somehow, some way. If you're getting 10 to 15% appreciation in central Ohio, Um if you had picked up of, you know, grand here or there, you don't really miss it right? And that's kind of how brokers lived and and and really sucked. A lot of people's equity out. To make their make their living. So now we're back to a more regulated environment. But there is still out there trying to, you know, Charge $2800 you know up front, We had a client that had to switch lenders Plant a customer that had to switch lenders. And the letters she switched to knew that she was in a predicament that she could only close with that London that lender decided to charge for an additional $3000 loan origination fee. Just for the heck of it. Yeah, there was no reason. Yeah, And that was right when things were changing, so

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