Razer Says Its New Mechanical Keyboards Have ‘Near-Zero’ Input Latency


Are you a razor keyboard band. Unlike the razer keyboards. I i do. I've got one in the office. I don't game just like the tactile feel of those particular keyboards. Any become the closest to matching the tactile. Feel keyboards that. I've used for years from hp All those keyboards of mine have basically died on the vine but razor says this new mechanical keyboards have a near zero input. Latency for gamers. The huntsman be to his option has optical switches and an eight thousand hertz polling rate so Again if you're if you're game or you probably like these a lot But i do like the razer keyboards you do. Pay a heavy price for them. They're very expensive. And what is this gonna cost. One hundred eighty nine dollars is what it's gonna cost for that keyboard so not in inexpensive investment but for gamers out there any competitive advantage with a little bit faster. Click will definitely Will pay off the

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