Dozens of Afghan Women Rescued From Kabul


I want to begin your weekend. Perhaps with a story of heroism before going to the reality of our shame. The story of heroism comes from the great. Britain's telegraph newspaper. I read in the morning is the financial times the second at the telegraph. Then the times of israel. Then i get to the american papers. They only started earlier right so they're hours ahead of us for the news cycles. A little bit more developed this story. I got yesterday afternoon from a friend. Sent this to me. So i cannot claim credit for having spotted it. It showed up last night. I put it online. It went everywhere. And i've reposted it because it just makes you realize heroes. We have lots of heroes in the united states especially in the military who and and the police force and the firefighters. We celebrate them on september eleventh. Then we forget them too. Often we celebrate them on memorial weekend and on veterans day. And then forget them. But i'll tell ya every day in the world they're heroes. The headline of this doesn't of afghan women rescued from kabul in the first ever the first ever israeli emirati aid mission. Remember a year ago. Donald trump presided over the abraham accords. That the united arab emirates and israel signed bringing a warm peace in the middle east followed soon by bahrain and other countries. The story reaches really aid. Workers and the united arab emirates have completed a daring rescue mission that saw dozens of sportswomen female rights activists and a singer at risk of taliban reprisal spirited to safety inaba the nail biting evacuation use local contacts together forty-one afghans from various locations in kabul. And then bust them through taliban checkpoints and over the northern border into tajekistan before flying to the united arab emirates the israeli emirati mission which happened earlier. This month is the first joint humanitarian project between the two middle eastern countries and is part of growing cooperation following the signing of the abraham cords last year which normalized relations

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