A highlight from What's the Best Way to Grill a Chicken?


App on the cheat and your host in each episode of this show. We're going to tackle a single question and let me start this one off by saying that we are in the final days of summer. Sadly and for us food people that means were soaking up the final few weeks of grilling season. Now i can handle the burgers and the hotdogs but one thing that i've always been kind of hesitant to grill chicken i don't know why poultry just seems very sensitive. It's kind of a bummer too. Because barbecue chicken is probably one of my absolute favorite foods. But i'm just too scared to cook it at home. So i was really thrilled. That the august issue upon the tea is also the grilling issue features a whole slew of grilled chicken recipes. And advice on how to do it. But i also realize looking through it that there are all these conflicting opinions when it comes to the best way to grilled chicken. I have questions like is white meat better than dark. Me's marinade or no marinade. What about a sauce at the end. Do i need

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