A highlight from Retro RHLSTP 18 - James Acaster


They're also long ago now that i've forgotten most of them and it is fun to revisit. But hopefully it'll make you go and check out the huge back catalogue of this show with approaching. I think about five hundred episodes. Include the edinburgh shows anyway. This week we are looking back to. I think tober twenty fourteen unbelievably Where my guest was a young median. I rather liked cold. James casta. I'm not sure what happened to probably fizzled out. But he was very funny back in twenty fourteen and full of optimism. enjoy knock. Ily comedy will crush of view in seven years. The what i remember mainly about this episode is all the stories of him crashing cars which is a fairly horrified. Luckily no casualties so we can offer lock and also just fantastic answering of emergency questions as you'd expect from this. Young man who i think is the the finest standpoint his very impressive generation of comedians. So do check out His cold lasagna. Stand up special if you haven't seen it yet pits awesome doris off many there. That's bollocks part. From what i did which is great so listen to that one anyway Enjoying these do remember back at the leicester square the at Doing gigs many sold out coming up. We've got bob mortimer para pot. We've got david mitchell in tim. K because adam. And joe and louise wener all of those sold out. And then catherine ryan and go sandy. Which is a few tickets. Left harry hill and phil wang. Very few tickets left. Then we have been shepard from tipping point plus t t t ba and then we have Md bury the gentlest and very brilliant author plus tb. I've got an idea who that will be. But i'll let you know soon so god rich common. You can buy tickets to the gigs. you can also buy a streaming streaming to see all the shows including the two. We did last week with barry cryer and the nobody panicked podcast which were great. Lovely back of the square theater and love to go back in time to happier times in two thousand fourteen before the world. A little bit weird. It was already quite we but it went a little bit. Where and with the weird and now a little bit with james acosta.

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