Biden Responds to Kabul Airport Attack


Short time ago. The president of the united states came out and spoke about the horrific bombing which happened today in kabul. We don't know of course the exact death toll at the moment. But it seems like they're already thirteen American servicemen killed and the president's speech. I thought was one of the more bizarre speeches. I've ever seen by a president and i'm saying this in the year. Twenty twenty one so i want to get quick reaction. I'm assuming everyone had the opportunity to review the president's ben. he's not since he is not capable. He is not competent. He came out. He looked like a mental patient. I mean he really did he he. He looked like he was barely awake. He stumbled his way through a bizarre seven or eight minutes speech. That contract itself about seven different times. He tried to rely very heavily on the. I'm empathetic joe. Routine the but the minute. That questions began all that went out the window. And he became combative joe He had nothing of merit to say. Yes no defense for his policies because this policy garbage and most of all if you're an american enemy watching the president of the united states on the same day that thirteen american soldiers are killed twelve marines. And you're watching. As the united states turns tail and runs leaving a thousand plus american citizens behind in kabul plus an unspecified number of thousands of american green card holders plus hundreds of thousands of people who will immediately be slaughtered by the taliban and as it turns out the united states government handed a list to the taliban of all the people we wanted to evacuate in the know precisely who to kill five just in kabul. They're americans all throughout the country. Weren't even talking. Yeah that's right if you're watching this as an enemy of the united states and then you watch this adult old feeble minded man walk out and barely make it through sentence. You're thinking you're like homer simpson with a hamburger right now. I'm bin laden said in ninety eight ninety nine after bombing kenya and tanzania the embassies there and after the mild response from a clinton administration said america's paper tiger. I don't know how if you're an enemy of the united states watching what has happened over the course of the last month. You can't look at the united states and say that is a nation. That can do anything i want to. This is a nation that is ripe for fall and this president is ready to let it

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