Hey Nancy, Joe Biden’s Call to the Afghan President Is Impeachable!


Miranda devine writes a great editorial the new york post. Nancy pelosi still looking for a phone. Call worth impeaching president. Do i have news for you. Bombshell report from reuters about july. Phone call between joe biden and then afghanistan president ashraf ghani in which the us president promises military aid in return for lies the perception around the world and in parts of afghanistan. I believe is. The things aren't going well in terms of the fight against the taliban biden said in the july twenty third call. And there's a need whether it's true or not there is a need to project a different picture unquote whether it's true or not biden solution. Things weren't going well after the. Us abandoned bogra airfield in the middle of the night by zander. Create the perception. That all was fine whether it was true or not. Well i guess you gotta get the impeachment machine revved up right bottom line is if you impeach trump for his phone call with the head of ukraine. You'd better go after biden right.

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