The Tyranny Against American Parents Is Only Getting Worse


Your children still your children. The elegant county health department and elegant michigan sent out a letter saying that your son or daughter is a close contact to a cove in nineteen positive person as defy michigan law. This is a source of infection. If you failed to take the action prescribed in this warning notice we could compel your compliance which may result in you being taken into protective custody to protect public health. They could take your children away by court order if you do not quarantine the way they tell you to. Are they still your children. The tyranny that we have been warning about is only getting worse. Domestically it's happening in australia. It's happening in the entire western world. The question is when are they actually going to stop if ever if we don't stand up against former pfizer vice president says the gloves are off the united kingdom government to inject all twelve to fifteen year olds without parental consent. Dr michael jordan. A former pfizer vice president chief scientist for the allergy and respiratory issued a warning to parents in the united kingdom with school children between twelve and fifteen that the government is planning to inject an experimental gene based kobe. Nineteen vaccine into them with or without their parental consent. Beginning next week from life life site news dot com is still your children in australia. They created a stadium where they took all the children away from parents and started vaccinating them. The doctor writes in this article. The children are no measurable bro. Risk from sars kobe. To and no previous healthy child has died in the united kingdom after infection not one he says that thrombosis pulmonary embolisms appeared over four hundred times the rate of a typical low rate after vaccination. He says that death rates per million. Vaccinations are running everywhere at around sixty times more than any other previous vaccine.

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