The Mainstream Media Finally Turns on Joe Biden


Turned on. Joe by the mainstream media has turned on joe by feels like the whole country is scratching. Its head over president. Joe biden except nicole wallace. She doesn't count. She believes ninety. Five percent of americans liked president. Biden's afghans speech yesterday and lisa showed up. I mean that was a big question for the longest time. Where was he where. The world is joe biden. Where's waldo. He left camp david long enough. They flew him over to the white house. Propped him up in front of a teleprompter. Did you see him bolt. After did you watch the speech. First of all probably not but we watched it so you didn't have to and everything you're hearing is true. He essentially said the buck stops with me and then blamed everybody else. It's trump's fall. It's the afghans. Paul afghanistan people's fault. It's the afghantistan military's fall. It's the afghanistan politicians fault. It's the weather. The dog ate his homework. It's everybody's fault but him where the buck stops. I don't think that's what harry truman had my goodness. What a catastrophe. What an utter unmitigated disaster. I don't know that we've ever seen a presidency collapsed this tune. The jimmy carter's presidency come apart this early. Didn't it take a while. We're seven months in and this poor guy doesn't know what day it is

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