Hong Kong Teachers Union Decides to Shut Down


The security law imposed in hong kong last summer has been the force behind change. After troubling change in the city in nebulous turns. The law says police can arrest people for any conduct. That seriously endangers national security i. They came for the protesters and activists who ground hong kong to a halt in two thousand nineteen. Then they came for the media outlets such as the pro-democracy newspaper apple daily and its outspoken owner. Jimmy lai now. It seems the authorities have their sights set on the city's storied organized labor outfits a few weeks ago chinese state media called the city's largest teacher's union a poisonous huma that had to be eliminated and hours later. We sold the hong kong education bureau. Say it would no longer recognize the union of around one hundred thousand members or about eighty percent of the city's teaches swollen wong as a china correspondent for the economist. So then the union tried to mollify the government it cut ties with several pro democracy organizations in hong kong as well as education international which is a global group of teachers unions it also announced it would form and you working group to try to promote chinese history and culture among teachers and students but despite these compromises the union still declared it was disbanding on august tenth and it sounds as if that's not the only union that's been targeted no in july we saw five liters of speech therapists union also arrested so they had published three allegorical picture books for children about sheep protecting the village from wolves and the police accused them of writing stories that incited hatred of the government on top of this over the past euro. So we've seen three of the city's top trade union leaders arrested and that really has been deeply chilling to the labor movement. More broadly this is all part of a broader crushing of civil society in hong kong.

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