Resting Your Heart in Presence

Tara Brach


One of my favorite teachings from not han. Who's a zen master is that it's not enough to supper. We also have the touch piece. We also have to touch wellbeing sir. Today's meditations really an invitation as much as possible for our own body. Mind to just let go and relax abed to taste that timeless peace. It's here when we begin to settle a bet. And so in that spirit will begin in a very simple way where you might just invite your attention and word invite yourself into the present manned and sometimes that means i checking your posture higher sitting and making yourself comfortable adjusting in the way they give you a sense of balance and uprightness sarah alert and also real ease settling your body as you become more still physically. Allow your attention go in work. Just notice what it's like right now. Notice the feelings in your body. Notice your body's breathing then with a conscious intention begin to length in your bra. So that it's a long slow in brow you might count to five with the enbrel and then a matched out breath counting to five with the out breath mila slowing down this breath the nice full in breath again coming to five a slow out. Breath measure release really become aware of the suit stations of letting go gan along deep in breath yelling the chest in the lungs the out breath again that sense of letting go of release

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