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Though the wrecks con I'm sky Mike from the Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 hour traffic center from our ktrh top tax defenders 24 our weather center time to check in with Cam Boone over there at the Weather Channel. Let's take a look at the work week here with our chances of getting wet this week or get getting a little brown off the lawn. Well, I think for the first part of the week rain chances are going to remain very low. In fact, I don't think we'll see anything in the way of rain today. Tomorrow, maybe a 20% chance Wednesday. Much better chance, though, is we look towards Thursday and Friday, so the rain chances will increase towards the end of the week. Temperatures will go down towards the end of the week as well. But it is going to be hot and humid here the next several days. Lots of sunshine today Upper nineties he did accept over 177 tonight. Sunny, hot, humid tomorrow back to the upper nineties. Stray storm Wednesday. Otherwise sunshine upper nineties. Thursday Friday a much better chance for showers and storms. Temperatures both afternoons low part of the nineties. Right now, 74 your officials Severe weather station NewsRadio, 7 40 ktrh. 99 1 HD to its news radio. 7 40 ktrh on FM. When you hear that hunger calling your name and you need to get some boom. Gotta find yourself a box weather. Put it up, whether cooking something good Listen. There's something for my machine ain't no halfway in between. Gotta give me something before I follow fucking people. Then hop on that old horse of yours and head on down. The Roy's,

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