A highlight from Energy Drinks, Aging References and the Consistency of Change in Our World

Open Campus Podcast


Ladies and gentlemen you have entered a forum where the hosts are getting older. Some of the jokes and references require explanation and the drinks of choice require caffeine. This is the open campus. Podcast now does t. Has that has caffeine absolutely. Oh yes that's your preferred. I knew that he was your preferred choice. It is and it's i don't know it's different. Yeah okay because i used to be an energy drink guy okay. Oh the the the well. They're not sponsor anything but these spark energy drinks right. The old advocate air. Yes okay the tiered marketing read. I was going to get rich. Is yes you know. Everybody's doing it. Yes okay but anyhow the pyramid schemes. I think they're called. Mlm's multilevel marketing. Yes yes everybody has one. I've bought into pretty much all of them at one point or another. Yeah but no. I wasn't i was. I use the spark energy drinks. And yeah then i got. I just decided i couldn't be a fifty or sixty year old man continuing to do this and that age was approaching. God i gotta make a change well at some when you say energy drink i think you mean like i'm a ride bouldering right. Which is to drink the reins and the banks which is just got away from. I'm very glad about. Because that was just too much. But i also i stopped drinking red bull for a little while because i started getting the meal. They make caffeinated mio now. Okay and it's like this. It's like more caffeine than a red bull. So you'll probably was drinking way too much. Because i'm just put it in my like. Ooh i didn't really think about that. Might caffeine consumption was probably way up but it felt like it was not as bad because it was just water. The thing that i noticed when i made the transition was. I didn't feel the caffeine. But i recognize that if i drink too much ice st there you know i hit me at some point but i don't know it's just different. I mean when i when i did the the spark it was like. Oh my gosh spark felt the energy. And then when i do the tea it's more subtle. I'm sure it's like with spark. It's a lot more concentrate probably right. I'm sure that's it absorbed differently or something. I don't know i'm no expert. That makes sense. I guess as to what's going on there. But so i'm an ice tea person. You're a red bull occasional red bull. Yeah there three for seven dollars at casey's just by three in waco. Yeah yeah and then you pound those before noon. And oh god you're back to another three from casey's see i feel like i i don't like the shakes or anything like i don't my heart rate doesn't speed operate so i dunno. Philip caffeine affects. Everybody differently sure. I don't know anyway. One of those things we love to hate. That's caffeine drug. It is yes scientifically medically. We are addicted or step is admitting you have a process. I know that i do. I have taken steps to remedy it. And we're getting there. Maybe someday i won't mean by the time you're sixty years old you're gonna be good So today's kind of just a fun. Yeah episode we don't have like a specific topic really we're gonna talk about. I don't know how talk about age. You know how things have changed and some funny comments and stories. That kids have said that. Make us feel old right. I always feel bad. Because i'm not that old but i feel like i am right. I don't know it's all relative. It is i

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