A highlight from Ed & Jennifer - The Q&A Episode


Afternoon. good evening. Welcome to the mental health comedy. Podcast fi made crasnick my co host jennifer kalari coming along shortly and this is the show where we talk about mental health issues of all kinds and we practice skills because mental health is practice. It's only as good as what you do on a moment to moment which means i'm failing everything but that's okay because it's a learning. It's a learning process. That will take a lifetime and you have. You always have an opportunity right to do it. They wrote a song about me. The police wrote a song. Years ago called the king of pain. They actually researched me and they came up with. That's on usually. We have guests from entertainment from all over the world of comedy writers directors actors producers today no guests because we want us to do a questions and answers show a special show special. Qna's show. We don't get a chance to do this. And so we thought we would take some. We would take some questions from listeners and of course the answer part will come from jennifer. Because i can't help you at all. So that's what we'll do today. I want to tell you the today show is sponsored by a right and spread right and spread is a new edible food pen. It's a pen that actually spreads out on your food on Your favorite sayings things that that make you conscious about eating that. Help you to slow down. I don't know if you're if you're like me. Sometimes you eat standing up. Sometimes you eat laying down sometimes you eat with an anti gravity. sometimes you get upside. I very rarely do. I sit down and actually Imprisoned for what i'm eating. I'm lucky to be able to have food to eat. So i wanted to. So we wanted to do a kind of a product and product is writing spread. And you can use it with kids you can. You can just right interesting statements statements that raise your raise up your your great sayings or something that just tells you to slow down just the fray slowdown. If you see it on your eggs you might actually be able to do it. It's right and spread edible food pens to write off. You can eat and greet with right and spread. I

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