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Podcast. Hey it's me daniel van kirk. You've probably heard me mention my two. Were really quickly. But i wanna take a quick second. Tell you exactly where. I'm coming. Because i hope that you come out and hang with me. It's together again tour. Because currently we're together again. And i want to celebrate it so i have an all new. Our stand up comedy. And here's where i'm coming. I was coming to chicago on the eleventh of august. But dettori sold out so here. You go milwaukee august twelfth madison august thirteenth chicago again. We added it on the fourteenth. That's a saturday night in chicago in the summer. Let's hang but let's also do the same thing in cedar rapids on monday august sixteenth. Then the next night. I'm in lincoln nebraska then the next eight kansas city for two shows and then on the twentieth of august nashville tennessee. Twenty-third louisville kentucky. Twenty fifth cincinnati ohio and the twenty-sixth sixth in cleveland ohio. That's all this month in august. Get your tickets at daniel van. Kirk dot com. I have a whole bunch of other dates coming up as well. Starting in september on the seventeenth. that'd be a high plains and a whole bunch of other dates in the east coast after that but those are the ones that are happening right. Now get tickets for wherever you are at least is closest to where i'm going to be. Let's get together again. Daniel vankirk dot com starving share sales folks so unaware. They lacked some breaking down happening in florida. Half stay with co-host earth body. Sit around town outings with another episode of dumb people population. You get third. Chris gathered welcome to the show. Buddy how are you couldn't be happier to be a resident of dumb people. Tell me all kind of our residents

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