What Is Infastructure?

The Ten News


Have you ever been in the car listening to the ten news. Of course and your parent or guardian hits a pothole or bump in the road and they probably say some kind of bad word after they hit it that something called an infrastructure problem. So what exactly is infrastructure. It's really anything that helps us live our lives the way we do the roads and bridges that you drive all over the country. You're drinking water railroad airport waterways and rivers you name it. Even your internet connection is considered part of the country's infrastructure. Oh man at a time. When we're still depending on internet virtual school in work there are some parts of the country that really struggle with getting online high speed broadband. Internet is hard to get in rural areas of the us. Sometimes they connection is so slow have to go to the library or find some other way to get online man as infrastructure gets older. There's been a lot of talk about the condition of a lot of these things. In fact the country gets graded on. How well it's infrastructure is maintained right now. Experts called civil engineers give the us a c. for overall condition of the nation's infrastructure. Are you kidding me. But some areas like roads and bridges aviation in airplanes and mass transit. Used to get people to work are being graded even lower. Were talking cs and ds. It's worrying because a lot of infrastructure issues have to do a safety if a bridge is structurally deficient. It's not safe to let people drive over it in as you can see. There are a lot of areas that need attention right now. So americans can have confidence in their infrastructure.

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