2021 QB Consensus Rankings: Who Takes the No 1 Spot?


Jump into our consensus rank. So is what we did here for. Anybody that doesn't understand. Consensus ranking each of awesome rank our quarterbacks from one to thirty two and then we come up with the kind of the average comes up with the consensus. I did thirty three. i'd include sam darnold. Oh okay wow. I'd so our number one quarterback. God mahomes a sexy. Is patrick mahomes. Hattie mahomes no surprises. Mahomes being number one. I think he's pretty much. Everyone's consensus one going into the quarterback position this year except for you. Thanks trial a segue. I have lamar. Jackson has my number one no surprise. Probably based off the trivia. Very lamar related both because of his his rushing upside by yes. Mahomes is not a far distant to put it that way over his last year's starter he finished as qb one in two thousand eighteen. He was cube seven and two thousand nineteen and he missed two and a half games that season and then he was q. Before last year missing a game if mahomes plays all seventeen games. He's a guaranteed top five quarterback with potential. Qb one overall like we've seen in the past and unlike the next four or five guys. He doesn't offer a huge amount of rushing upside. he does offer two to three hundred dollars. but much difference than you know. You're rushing upside type quarterback yeah. He has the highest ceiling of any quarterback. And as safe of a floor is any quarterback. And i think that's a really really important combination to have. It's crazy how consistent. He's been with the fact that he isn't a huge rushing quarterback. He certainly runs more than a lot of other quarterbacks in the league but he does it through the air. He's averaged over twenty four fantasy points per game since entering the league. Which is absolutely incredible. He's got the best weapons in the. Nfl andy. reid is a phenomenal head coach. He is so safe as long as he is healthy. Yeah i agree with that. I just disagree on the part where you said. He has the highest upside. Because i don't think he does. I think lavar does just his rushing and you can project the marta have more passing yards. You can't really project. Mahomes rushmore the only argument against that. I don't think he has the highest potential. Now that we've seen what lamar can

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