Rudy Atallah's Response to Trump's Speech to Warsaw, Poland


You give us just your your response to the president's question from warsaw. Well god bless him first of all for making his speech. I mean i. I just i just loved that. The here's my take. unfortunately today A lot of christians are christians in and i put in quotes They are not practicing christians. They don't understand. Christianity they don't understand the message of christ and therefore they're simply christians on paper but they're not really strong believers. We have that in almost every faith and islam. You see that in judaism you see that and so on so forth. These are people that are more worldly and and the west can't stand up but the west has lost. Its course if you don't know where you come from. How could you know where you need to go. Essentially christians don't know where they originally came from. That's why i pushed so hard to elevate the true. Christians are the the the christians that currently reside in the middle east. At least the ones that. I've been standing with the faith and being persecuted for their faith to show true. Christianity truly is and say. Look you know as christians as believers in christ. We need to understand. Exactly what the word of god says. What what we need to stand for. For example i use it all the time from proverbs. Twenty four that. If somebody is jailed or get him going to be put to death. We have a duty to go out there and rescue them. We have a duty to go out there and save them. We have to stand with our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted. But when i talked to say westerners whether they're from europe or from here from our country oftentimes they kind of look at me and say well. It's not happening in my backyard. So i understand yes. My heart goes to them. But there's not much. I can do like well you know. That's a cop out because your duty is to stand by those that are being

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