A highlight from Sacred Cinema: Captain Marvel

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Hello welcome. This very special episode of cinema senate majority is always protests cut diagonally. She can't eat. Maybe golden as one hundred percent. Sure we honor that so today we are to talk to you about. Captain marvel the second film in the chronological marvel. Cinematic universe were even more pumped super bowl even at who will be joining us for this conversation. Our dear friend. Sophie has now if you don't know sophie it is our pleasure to introduce you to her. She is a best selling author of five books with a six coming out on september. Twenty eight it's called grace upon grace and it's journaling devotional for teen girls but to be fair your last one was fourteen girls and i i did it and loved it so i have a teen girl since ability that fits. I'm so he's also the co host of the big boo cast podcast with another one of your friends melnychenko. Where they talk about the ins and outs of everyday life with a dynamic sense of humor and they're very passionate about sec sports. I would say so. Melanie are probably the two most passionate people i know in regards to. Sec sports. I also know that. Her heart always belongs most ardently to mississippi state. You can learn more about sofi. Epi mama gotten out. She's on twitter at mama and she's on instagram at bouma. Two o. five very ruben. Stuttered of her n you can listen to the big boo cast anywhere. You listen to podcasts. And of course all of these links will be in the show notes If you knew this show secret cinema as a monthly upsets. here's where we d- type movies to remember them to rebuke them into extract understandings and awareness. Is that are both secular and sacred. Now we've been doing this for our bible. Seminary students our patron community. Bet we're bringing it out into the free. Our last episode which was also the first. In a series was captain america with guests kendra adachi sweet feeling of collecting two hundred dollars. When you pasco or the rush of excitement you get when you win. Big by rolling a yahtzee. What if you could get that all the time.

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