Podcaster Jillian Hamilton on the Difference Between Physical and Emotional Cheating


Talk about the difference between physical and emotional cheating and the difference in how males and females respond to those two topics. The difference between physical cheating and emotional cheating is just what it sounds like. Emotional cheating has really proliferated because we have this online space so actually people feel a greater sense of familiarity and closeness online often than they do in person in person. You gotta have date number one and it might be three weeks before you have date number two. It's hard to get together but when you're online you have constant access to this person so everything from good morning sugar to night night and everything in between your with this person all day long and it gives you the sense of really knowing their lifestyle how they spend their time you might get you know reactions on things that happen to them. Throughout the day so emotional cheating can really be very powerful and very common because we all have the device right there with us. How do you differentiate between emotional cheating and just a friendship emotional. Cheating has to have a secretive component to it. This is something that your partner your spouse doesn't know about it's something you're hiding and it's more than likely giving you a great sense of thrill you know you're looking forward to hearing from this person. I when i first started this. I started talking to everybody. Anyone i'd meet. I'd say oh so. Have you ever dated anyone. Who cheated. And i met this random stranger and he told them about the podcast. He said i have to tell you. I've been having an affair. I really would you like to talk about it. And he said yes. I send music back and forth with this woman every night and my wife has no idea and by the time i get up from this table it was dinner time. I'm going to be running back to my car to see what music she sent to me. And i live for it every single day. That's an emotional affair. I mean he didn't tell his wife and he was so attached to her. Yeah it's wild and it is. It's like a friendship that serving some need so it goes a little further than

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