Locast Shutting Down After Losing Court Battle With TV Networks

The Tech Guy


Low caste was a solution that let you watch your local channels over the internet. So if you didn't live near enough to the big city to get the channels but you were in the what they call the area of dominant influence the of that market as we are. We're about fifty miles north of san francisco too far for anything but antenna on one hundred foot masts to get the Get reception so that's why you know cable does well out here in the boonies in the suburbs in the burbs And of course those are the two constituencies really liked this idea of low caste because i could just fire up low-caste dot org and watch my local stations without an antenna without A cost and the rationale was. We'll hey they're broadcasting for free it's ad-supported why the heck not so the first company to try this. Remember the areo. Their excuse was they had a little dime sized antennas and every subscriber had their own antenna. So all they were doing is putting that intent ten on the internet supreme court. Shut that down mighty fast. That was it for area. So low caste thought. Well we got another loophole. This is a new tradition. It's kind of interesting You don't like the rules. The laws of the land. You try to sneak in through the side door. It's actually a the great american pastime. Probably great human pastime gaming the system right. there's a system. There's some rules but they don't apply to me. How can we get around those rules. Let's figure out a way to get around. So what low. Caste thought was in fact there right. If you're a nonprofit if you don't profit off of this in others. I just did. Leo's internet thing. If for free set up a tower got the reception and then put it on the internet. Made sure that only people in that area could see it. That would be legal

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