Jen Psaki Is Not Really Principled About Vetting People


Hey, why did you leave American hostages behind behind enemy lines with a bunch of medieval Taliban savages to kill them? Like, why did you do that? That sounds like it's a pretty bad idea. We probably shouldn't leave our people behind peppermint and peppermints like God, No, don't worry. We left Americans behind to be killed and murdered and taking his child brides by the Taliban because we're not sure we can vet them on the plane. So principles, Jack. Principles check right. Peppermints, saying that the Biden administration is very concerned about vetting people coming to the United States and to US facilities, right. Jim Tracking. That's the principle right? JB Jim's following. He's like he's not confused. So here it is. Here's peppermint tea, saying, Yeah, we are definitely concerned about vetting people that get into the United States. Check this out. Decisions you have to make in the federal government are not. Yes and no decisions are as simple as what you're laying out here. What we're evaluating and looking at is how to keep people on our military bases safe. While also getting these US citizens. Dual citizens, people who are prepared to leave Afghanistan able to leave at the same time. We don't think we're not going to allow flights that have hundreds of people who don't know who they are, who haven't been security protocols through security protocols where we haven't seen the manifest to land on U S military basis. All right. Sorry. I'm texting so much. You don't have to hit the champion. You sound People text me during the show. I think they forget about the air. But if someone related to this story wake it or not, So there it is. There's peppermint. She's like, Yeah, man. We got to vet people vetting where principled here we've got to make sure you know people come into the United States and us military facilities are vetted. And by the way, let me just say, and I'm not kidding that I I I agree with that principle. If it were an actual principle. I agree with that. I say if it were because Peppermint doesn't actually believe

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