COVID-19 Surge in the US: The Summer of Hope Ends in Gloom


Summer. That was supposed to mark america's independence from kovic nineteen is instead drawing to a close with the us more firmly under the tyranny of the virus with deaths per day. Back up to where they were in much. The delta variant is filling hospitals sickening alarming numbers of children and driving corona virus deaths in some places to the highest levels of the entire pandemic school systems that reopened the classrooms or abruptly switching back to remote learning because of outbreaks legal disputes threats and violence from republicans have erupted over mosque and vaccine requirements. The us death toll now stands at more than six hundred fifty thousand with one major forecast model projecting able top seven hundred and fifty thousand by december. I it wasn't supposed to be this way more than six months into the. Us vaccination drive president. Joe biden held a white house party on july fourth to celebrate the country's freedom from the virus and other political leaders had high hopes for a more close to normal summer. The summer wave was fueled by the extra contagious delta variant combined with stock resistance to vaccinations that formed along political and geographic lines. Said dr stan vermond of the yale school of public health. The us recorded twenty six thousand eight hundred deaths and more than four point two million infections in august. The number of monthly positive cases was the fourth-highest total since the start of the pandemic the twenty twenty one delta driven onslaught is killing young americans at a much higher rates than previous waves of the pandemic in the northeast last spring. The sun belt in the summer of twenty twenty and the deadly winter surge around the holidays even before the delta variants became dominant experts. Say there were indications that large gatherings and relaxed social distancing measures will fueling new cases exposing a floor in some republican governors plans not to enforce distancing or mask mandates

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