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If you're looking for guaranteed lifetime income, give us a call today and we can run a comprehensive report. And then we'll share with you those results whether it's via zoom or in person, and that report. Steve is outstanding. I mean, it talks about the top companies that are out there. It certainly does. We had a recent, um, perspective client that has listened to us for quite some time come in, and we ran their type top lifetime income in comparison to what they had given from another local advisor and the company that they had was actually six. Below the top five that we have had, so it's definitely important for you to run the top lifetime income stream, And that's something that we have available for for all of our listeners. Yes, So if you're looking at annuities, get a second opinion and let us run this comprehensive report that will share with you and then it will help you make a great decision. Steve and I are going to go to a quick break. But we'd love to hear from you today Your call is being answered. Life will be seeing people in Arlington and Dallas this week, 972473. 4700 again That number to reach us today is 972473 47 100. I'm Cathy DeWitt done along with Steve Ringo will be right back. Okay,

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