Reggae Legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Dies at 85


A living legend of the musical world who has passed away the Jamaican reggae and dub style. Perry Lee Scratch. Perry has died on the island aged 85 public response from Jamaica's Prime minister Andrew Holmes, who called him a legendary record producer and singer and a great pioneer. He's one of his earliest releases people, funny people. One of the first acknowledge reggae songs from 1968. Mhm. David Katz wrote the biography people, funny people. The genius of Lee Scratch Perry and I'm delighted to say he joins us now on the program. Just just tell our listeners Lee Scratch Perry. Why was he called Scratch and you turned it shopping. I I don't think we have David. Their bit of sound. Yeah, so sonic invention there. It was the man himself the way to pay tribute to the man himself, actually, because I didn't interview on that a little bit earlier Scratch private. He did a song called Chicken Scratch, And so they produced a record called Chicken Scratch. You could have asked me It's a shame we couldn't get David to talk about it. I think that's the the The line has gone down. But what we can do is there again. Hello, David. Join us Go, and I've answered the first question. Hello? Give us another quick going role. Um You know he was he was He was a collective figure wasn't he Wasn't Keith Richards, who described him as the Salvador Dali of music. Yes, indeed. I mean, he was a multifaceted character. He began his career as a singer and then moved into record production where he really excelled. And of course, his innovative techniques really changed the way that popular music has been recorded and disseminated. In what way In what way? Well, he really stimulated remix culture. What we take for granted. Now, you know, he reused his rhythm tracks for songs he'd recorded originally as vocal recordings and overdubbed new instruments on them and mix them down. And really help to dub come into being as a genre and an art form. And that

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