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Over a single weekend in mass shootings in dayton ohio and pass our taxes since then pulling his shirt an increase in concerns over the threat of white nationalism and support for stricter gun laws remains the majority opinion as it has for a while congress is on on recess and won't be back until labor day but twenty twenty democratic candidates have continued to talk about the attacks on the trail. I want to start with you two weeks out. Does it seem seem like the el paso and perhaps maybe dayton too but of course el paso brings in the issue of white nationalist terrorism as well but does it seem like those mass shootings were a defining moment in american politics. I think they were and we can discuss how we defined american politics but i think if you look at how the new york times other publications are recovering white nationalism trump's speeches fox news has been a lot of stories saying this shooters words and messages we're echoed from trump speeches and so on the episode he wrote came from trump's ideas. Essentially

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