Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott back at practice


The way zeke is now at practice for the cowboys. He signed his contract about fifty million bucks a year which is top of the class. It's in that todd gurley class and i know the rams this morning love their todd gurley contract is he got hurt but zeke zeke is an important player. I don't buy that zeke's the most important player i think dak prescott is the franchise. He's gonna make over double zeke makes he's the guy went in front of the microphone. He's the guy won't touch the ball late but zeke isn't a lot of wow he's twenty three touchdowns thirty five hundred yards but he went a bunch of games and i think he's a grown up in an adult and i think it's dax team. I don't think it's zeke's team. Although i think zeke is really talented. I think aaron donald really talented but i think it's jared goff's team in sean mcvay team not aaron donald in los angeles but i will say if you're a high school running back in college running back n._f._l. Running back this is a good day for you because zeke got paid and there is this narrative out there now that running backs analytically don't deserve the the money

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