Jalen Ramsey Active, Will Start for Jaguars vs. Titans After Requesting Trade


Moving onto jalen Ramsey he wants out of Jacksonville unfortunately for him he will be playing against the dines tonight for Jacksonville in Jacksonville the Jags all pro cornerback has requested a trade but we'll be active again with the trade seemingly coming sometime after the game so C. C. which contender should try to acquire Jalen Ramsey. I don't mean I it doesn't have to be a contender tender for me right now. We only played two games. Everyone's a contender the giants I think we make a quarterback's which we right back into this but I think there are certain places that would be better perform. I think the raiders Jon Gruden got the CAP space. They got a really young teen. They could use the corner play. They could also use a star going to Las Vegas the Tennessee Titans. I do believe coach coons. He was a legendary highschool coach coach at Ohio State. He only coastal hieaux until last year we took the job in Tennessee variable who has experienced at Ohio state went there and got him. He is a great defensive back coach in his hometown there with the Titan the raiders are the titans feel are the smoothest transitions for him for a guy that has that type of skill set big corner wants to play a lot of man to man and as we said before he's from Tennessee and wants to go back there and anytime if you can get a big time star like that in a smaller market like Tennessee yeah I think that they should look into that particularly when he's listed the titans previously before the season as a place he'd like to play sometimes you worry big-time star. Would he be happy going to a small market the size of the market in Jacksonville's not why he's unhappy and because of his roots in Tennessee he has already said Nashville would be a place. He wants to thirty proven that he can get national attention no no matter no matter what I mean he's he's one of the star players in the league and one of the faces of the League that we have on the defensive side of the ball one team you mentioned yesterday for I give a couple of others that that I thought really interesting was Philly Philly. Obviously is a contender philly that is the place where they need. I would argue help the most on the back end of their defense particularly the corners because is I liked now. Come Jenkins. I understand we're talking about phillies injuries those they deal with spate of season ending injuries for Philadelphia with how active Howie Roseman has been and how great he's been at almost manipulating the cap to free up space when they need it you would mention philly yesterday that to me is a really interesting fit. It would be something that if you're the Dallas cowboys and you see wait eagles got who the Eagles got jalen Ramsey at the not even at the deadline a month into the season that could be a game changer. I'M GONNA mention a team no one's attaching them to but I think they have the space the picks they have the need. What about the Los Angeles Angeles chargers now maybe they don't WanNa pay Jalen Ramsey they all they're going to have to pay Joey Bosa two guys but they have the cap space to do it? They they are right now. They know that last year they were this close to being the number one seed in the AFC Derwin James is going to come back at some point at the end of the season they already have an extraordinary corner in Casey Hayward but they're starting a guy who was an undrafted free agent couple years ago at the other corner spot if you added few had Casey Hayward Jalen Ramsey Ramsey winter when James comes back that immediately becomes far and away the best secondary in the NFL well for one next year to pay Joey Bosa Casey's already already making a bunch of money Derwin James you already know you're going to have to pay him now. Both of those guys being from Florida state sometime. You think that oh well. Maybe that would work well. Maybe that might Mike not work so I don't know they haven't been the most contract friendly to their player. Philip rivers doesn't have a contract so to me. That's a lot of money that a team that is not customary to pay a lot of money. I don't think they would have that kind of money tied up in their secondary. Just two more teams quickly obviously yesterday. We talked a lot about the chiefs. It's for the cheap since the best player available at the biggest position of need but I do think the chiefs would have real cap issues with that Patrick mahomes going to become the highest paid player forever a year from now. They paid tyreek Hill. They went they paid frank. Clark may be above market. Sammy Watkins they can get off him next year. If they want to play really well race you're adding the highest paid corner in. NFL history was what Jalen is going to become would be tough to keep an eye on the colts though called I mean the colts have enormous cap space the draft capital. They're obviously going to try to win without being a super explosive offense the culture. If I'm Chris Ballard with Andy I am calling Jacksonville and bill and trying to take their temperature on that but he plays his last game tonight for the Jaguars most likely absolutely that would be my guess about eight players to borough road

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