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You can't talk about the goose game yet right. Oh when does this go up tomorrow. tomorrow okay yeah use game. Did you beat it yard. Ty WHO's game of the year come on just be just be gop why they're clearly entitled game of the year what you're going to confuse everybody buddy hoping here about Borland's three and now you're about untitled goose games and it's it's pretty much the only medal your solid game. I've ever played. They explain you don't you don't put a radio to sprinkle it or break it that way. You can sneak past the guy. It's a it's a metal. Is it a stealth. What is it called Stealth Espionage Action Stealth espionage. It's it's their boxes the problem to solve things so speaking of the radio. There's like this radio. You have to sneak past the Gardner Guy Right at the beginning of the game and I it's sitting on so when you pick it up it makes like music and he goes out of con- costs for that and he gets you right yeah and then and then so what I did was he puts it on top of a cooler antidrug the cooler all the way to where it needs to go and Thomas. Okay okay listen. I watched this and it was funny when it happened but this is a boring story wrap it up no no. I didn't really quite often to wait for people to hear this but this amazing off but the radio and Birket I'm just saying there's multiple ways solve this game. Is it game Goosey goosing game. Are you kidding me. Something see something. I'm excited for the sequel uncensored goose game. Yeah Yeah every time he hong to goose to honk for TV is this is it level base. What are you doing things is where it's like. Hey do all this stuff and something you 'cause. We'll open up a new area so you have him his thumb and he like falls from the hammer yeah yeah he goes like hit his his telling the boring story. I'm just jokin those are great before I one acknowledged to honk for. TV was a really good job at Damon. Thank you thank you and mark your story. Was it was okay. We'll so it's like dark. It was a six point. Oh it's like dark souls you do stop dumpling and then it opens up a new area and then it's like a Metro Vania dark souls metal gear salt lead. This Games got law headline goose game of the year druce like all of these other teams. It's entirely not like winter game. Yeah exactly AH that's from two thousand and eleven so we don't talk about borderlands now all right. Let's use game like borderlands three now. There's no blue unless yes you can a sandwich. There's yeah total luke because you drag everything back to the picnic. It's true yeah but you don't have any inventory space. Just like in borderlands game of the year also like so is on Telugu out tomorrow tomorrow. It's the twentieth tomorrow so toward the daily. You're listening to this. It's out it's out and it only takes an hour and a half to be over short. You can beat it almost forty times this weekend. Please should have been longer or is that the right amount of time to be. It's like me when you beat the game. They're still like stuff you you can do but you've ruled. The credits just like control weakness talk about okay. Okay wait to your borderlands point. Yes the inventory sucks. I assume that you can level up from there. You can increase your Marcus's munitions perfect pretty early inventory because you could do that in one and two and whatnot a lot of the systems feel pretty antiquated in a Lotta ways like everybody keeps saying it's just borderlands again and we've been playing more than any of us I think so. I think I'm agreeing with you. You're saying that it's it's a little a bit better. I think it's like lance too but I think it's better in every single way and that makes it better every single way every funnier. Maybe the writing an the map is broken as say broken. Well I just I. It's difficult to see what levels are unlike a different. Oh I thought they did a a better job at that. Because now you can rotate the map yeah I think I think you mean like when you when he said away point. It's really hard to find out where that actually which unlike which Alex should be taken if the if it splits off and your waypoints here and you're like oh I'm going to it and you're like Oh and yet open your mapping. I also the way back around can can we just say if you're playing with another player. The driver should not also be the navigator because you have to stop driving. pull up your mouth figure out which direction you need to stop the car before before yes. This is the person who's in the back on the governor should be the one to look at the matter author map and look at the map all the way you should do exactly yeah if needed. I totally the baggage around this and she she could see my TV and I would just opened my map and I'm like look and she could just see her through the screen cheating totally. That's the whole point. Is that what it was. It's called an in a perfect arc when you're looking at my screwing banking. Look there's a whole gamut of this game called screen cheat or something like that. Where you don't don't see the other person on the map shooter you don't see the other person so you have to screen peak to see where they are to be able to shoot them. Mario Kart Saddle node cheat or do you not it's. It's so that you can see you can line up a shot. What would somebody driving screen so you do. Do Eh for some people it's part of the experience for some people to be back. There is like these elaborate cardboard setups done off the the television like Oh. I've done that like playing halo like putting up the blanket and like one of your friends is under the blankets. That's great what's up with the pets in borderlands. One class has a pet flack nets the class that I chose with because I heard it was good for solo players playing by myself and yet you can sit out. The pets too technical for you and the first pet is a dog. Yeah modest has come a monster dog. It's a scam. You know what's really sad though I think they changed. The deaths down sounds for the skaggs. The sound really really sad yeah exactly. It sounds like a dog river. Your your pet is whatever you pick so you pick the dog. I didn't know how to choice. Let's guilty characters. You can pick what skill you get one point right at the start on the fly to so you picked that what's his name meet meet it she older. I forget his name now. That's the Jabber boy anyways. You could change it on the fly. What's what are the what are the other options as Iraq took a spider and yeah and then there's Iraq grew hanged dinosaur Mosser things. I think I'll stick with the dog was I. There's the flying. It's like a pterodactyl thin. The rack sounds good. Thank you very active but one of them is like a little like Jabber guy and he has a gun jabber and the more Islam inspire not the spider is like a little looks like this Guy Jabber. What do you mean Jabber. Keep saying. This aren't thinking isn't that in anyway. He has a gun and then you can make where he has a shotgun so he's a little pet walks around the shotgun. That's awesome. It's awesome. I'm playing playing as Mara. I don't really like her. She's fine. I'm playing MOS-. She has a robot. Yay Mas is I think the MOS flag actually the community favorites from what I've seen. I've seen the search volume to back that up. It's ask it. It's fun. I'm having a good time but it does feel very samey like it's. It's a little bit like they. They spent seven years. I guess they didn't spend the entire seven years but it's been seventy years. Berlin to if you had told me this was a new expansion for Borland's Orleans to I would have believed you gear gearbox made preschool right yeah so said Eddie. You knew it'd be however many years since I think it's a different team Eamon Australia that made sure if it was like spin offer from another team or not yeah it was. It's their fallen Vegas. It's fun other Games. They're able to reinvent themselves. Listen in new in new sequels in in additions but this just feels like more Portland switch. It's fun yeah. I enjoy it. I love the guns and I love that. I feel like every time I go back to sanctuary to like do all my inventory management. I feel like I'm going back out of the world as a slightly different character. You're always leveling up. You're always getting getting better guns. I've a shotgun right now. Every time I shoot them it just blows them away it so far like the blows them away literally blow them away and then when you reload it becomes a grenade than's flashes and says shoot me as it's going to and then you get another one in the shoot it. It's awesome cool like that. It's it's really fun. I like it a uh-huh Fisher

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