Google Has A New Recovery From Addiction Search Website


Google has an addiction and website. It's called good. It is fighting one issue which is bad addiction content. That's that's a good way to handle that. Isn't that exactly the same scene website Asia xactly which is where they're I think they're all going to around Earth website around Earth website those of us who still believe so this is called recover together recovered together dot with Google Dot COM and it's for national recovery month which is September. There's lots of information here. This'll be a lot better than searching for Lord. That's the theory right now. If I searched for recovery does I would presume Google puts us at the top although that's that's a hot button right now for regulators. Oh yeah what if I searched for something like a go ahead make is it. Is it all recovery or is it just oh I get American Airlines exactly what I got. I got a knowledge knowledge graph card on the right for alcohol. JAMMOUS DAMASE was the second enter good okay see mine was a a and then oh now so alcoholism knowledge card mental disorder order is that give me their search for heroin addiction and I don't like getting it so interesting. I maybe you just have to search for recover together. I don't know this is a this is a really nice site. I think they've done a very nice job on this and I would yeah recover together dot with Google dot com not the greatest don't even even that I get it. I searched for other got joined groups. That's that's kind of an important thing right. Yeah it is it the recovery village nope recover together with Google. We cover together dot with Google. Dot Com is that it got no no no. That's not really about four injuries down on my screen when I asked if I was an alcoholic in it told me I still haven't found it now stacey so here's a way to know if Google thinks you're drunk. it's the number third search result for me breath cocktails you guys I searched addiction recovery and it's not on the front page of my Fa- ah my phone at all yeah mine isn't coming on other slow rollout another slow roll out possibly well but it kind of defeats what we what we were assuming thing is the purpose of this which is to give somewhere that Google can send people better than this generalized right search results yeah isn't that fun for seeing their own internal projects for things funny this they should show this to the EU actually maybe that's the the secret yeah nice thing but we can't show you will let us

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