Why Hibachi is so Complicated


We obsess about food to learn more about people people and that curiosity comes through in this episode about botchy. It's a deep dive from hibachi invention in the nineteen sixties by a savvy showman to how botchy chefs learned those crazy moves to the hibachi chef stereotype can actually be problematic so please take a listen to this episode of the sport full podcast now. Let's see now right away scrambled egg okay. I think i got some shelves is in there. I'm at benny hana's flagship restaurant in manhattan living a dream of mine to be a hibachi chef and my teacher is the executive chef of benny honner. Tony tony moto tony's been cooking botchy for forty years move quickly so it doesn't burn got. You want to keep the yellow colorado all right right. Let's make some noise here too. I didn't get to try any tricks that day. But of course the tricks are a big part of bochum bouncing the raw egg on this bachelor flipping shrimp tales into your chef's hat and the onion volcano. That's when the chef builds tower of onion slices fills them with oil and like the whole thing on fire the in lieu of real tricks. I did my best to imitate the more progressive elements of botchy all right chicken the sound the mixing chicken o._c. But then i got over and i sprayed onions everywhere all right. That's okay though in the show all right what i learned that worked with chef tony is that you go to a hibachi restaurant. Watch the chef cook. There is so much more going on than i ever realized. There's a system for everything an exact thickness to slice that chicken an exact number of shakes of the salt shaker and and you have to get all that right without cutting yourself which i failed to do. I finished cooking with one finger wrapped in a paper towel. Don't worry it was only flesh world so tony give me some feedback. What did i do well. What can i improve on the job but you need everything to improve cutting the chicken and you can see your from a lot of white. Steam rights landed mix the soya sauce in very well yeah so what did sound effect very well so we need to learn the sun. I keep teaching you how to cook.

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