Springer's homer in 10th keys Astros' 3-2 win over Brewers


Three to the brewers falls to the Astros brewers would take the early lead though in the first inning with one out yes money grant dog comes to the plate showing on a. now they're getting the start for the brewers a couple scoreless innings but he would give up a run in the third walks George Springer gives up the basic to Jose Altuve a a fielder's choice off the bat of Michael Brantley moves spring or the third and that brings up Alex Bregman the three one the brakeman. wind in the center of basic we're gonna have a tie game. the score is Springer. three one fastball Bregman it's R. B. I. number ninety five. Hauser ends up going out for and a third innings his pitch count was way high so they got him out of there with one out in the fifth inning bringing in and out Claudio Claudio Woodrow two pages you would get Brantley the ground into a double play and remained a one one game going to the bottom fifth all while call for the Astros was pitching that very very well Brett sooner would come in to pitch in the sixth inning good to see him back from Tommy John surgery first battery faces Alex Bregman strikes out that's a great moment even before that fans were going crazy for suitor he tipped his cap everybody the dress dark Parker theme song was going to just a fun moments but then it your don Alvarez would take things down and not showing an a fly ball to left he. and maybe. for your. your goal is of going six innings allowed just the yes money grant all home run the one run on three hits tech to run don't would pitch in any war Harris would pitch in any event with vertel's soon it would come in to pitch the bottom of the ninth inning to one game first batter he faces is Christian yell their deep in the outfield two strikes. brewer certainly still have an opportunity in the ninth inning of the first to asa recorded Eric same's get the basic course Brandenburg then reaches on soon air surrenders on it first and second Travis shock comes up as a pensioner he strikes out and we're headed to extraneous junior Gerrit comes in the pits for the brewers first battery faces in the top of the tent thing is George Springer two and one on Springer. it delivers fly ball centerfield well struck back version still back gone. right off the bat straight away center field George Springer home run number thirty.

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