Ready to Challenge Yourself? Here's Your Instant Motivation.


And life you love and this. My friend ain't q. and a. tuesday. It's actually you and a tuesday where i asked the question and the answer comes from you a in the answer trump from so my question which i will ask you in just a moment comes from an idea that i strive to live my life bye and that ideas this. You never get stronger if you only do easy things now to clarify. I'm not saying that you should make everything harder on yourself. I am i'm all about simplicity and efficiency where it makes sense. This is also not about pushing yourself so hard that you get injured or sick but what i am talking about is the manse mance value that comes from doing really really hard things from putting yourself in situations where you know you're going to struggle or from doing things that are so far beyond in your current skill set that it humbles your ass. Let me tell you about a classic took a few months ago so i was working to build up my strength and my stamina because going on book tour can be grueling and i wanted to be ready for it now. I talk a lot about fitness and movement and i am someone who moves a lot however it's been a real long time since since i've been a nike dance athlete and can shoot like four fitness videos in one day even with a broken toe so point being my strength was nowhere near what it used to be so i figured weird i start taking more challenging classes at my gym now most of these classes i had never taken before so i had no idea what i was getting into so one day i i signed up for this class and it was called met. Con three should have known better because that is a scary ass name but it was only forty five minutes and i said to myself. Hey i can do anything for forty-five minutes. Famous last words not even seven minutes into that class. I wanted to die. I'm not kidding. I had no idea how is gonna survive. Thirty eight more minutes of this torture chamber we're talking nonstop squats and lunges imply. Oh metrics all with weights and all on a damn step. You know everybody hates burp well. This guy had us doing double burpee then he had us doing these frigging air jacks and one guy in the front of the class he was like the happiest most fittest grasshopper you ever met he he was smiling he was sweating. He was leaping meanwhile. I can't feel my legs and i need to sit down. I think you get the idea. I mean this was hell. It was that kind of physical sickle humbling hell that you wouldn't wish on your worst enemies. That's right but somehow somehow. I made it through the full forty five minutes and yes i was on the struggle bus the entire time but of course after i felt <hes> i didn't feel amazing at all. I had a massive headache. I was read as a lobster and i seriously wanted to quit at life but after i took a shower in replenish some electrolytes and actually down for a few minutes actually did feel pretty great. The bottom line is this easier. My friends is not always better now. Obviously this story was all about working out but i found the same thing to be true in my business and in my personal life doing hard things makes me stronger whether whether it's physical emotional or mental strength is where it's at and i gotta say no matter what hard thing you're doing whether or not you actually reach your goal is less important within who you become in the process so here is the cue that i want you to eight today and it's a two parter think about your past right now. What an instance where you tackle hackel something really challenging and grew so much stronger as a result partout. What's one hard thing that you know you need to start doing right now. In in order to make your life better tell me all about it in the comments below now as always the best conversations happen over at murray leo dot com so get on over there and leave a a comment now once you're there short subscribe to our email list and become an m._f._a. Insider you're going to get instant access to an audio. I created called how to get anything you you want. It's so good you'll also get some exclusive content special giveaways and personal updates for me that i don't share anywhere else. Stay on your game and keep going for your your dreams because the world really does need that special gift that only you half. Thank you so much for watching and catch you next time on marie tv. Hey you haven't trouble bringing your dreams to life. Guess what the

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