Man behind 'Storm Area 51' event to hold three-day 'Alienstock' music festival


Here alien stock that is now of the festival being planned as a result of the Facebook joke that went viral Matt Roberts who lives in Bakersfield created the event paid several weeks ago calling for people to join him in storming area fifty one Kanye west who owns the little alien in Rachel Nevadas when planning nonstop to host up to thirty thousand people in her ten room motel don't know how that's going to happen September twentieth is when this is supposed to take place she says she's coordinating with the public safety people it's a top priority she's been contacted Lincoln County leaders in law enforcement the event page went viral millions of people indicated they would be willing to travel to the remote location I don't think they know where the remote location as we're not talking ten miles here John what would happen if all these people finally stormed in only found in there was alien beef jerky I call it half height I hope they bring it back out this stuff is good what can honestly be in there that that is one of the good and computer software so when you know a lot of people are taking their thinking independence day the movie night ninety so that's what they look like I mean all the respect to some of these people get a life I'm sorry this is research so alien fast with a B. live music entertainment who's headlining it why do you have to have details on all I heard alien ant for yes that's when I got there are very good band back from the nineties now they're not actually Brian might not aligned to think this could have a fire festival feel to it right we could and end up with a bunch of tents out there because of the meager accommodations that John just pointed out so Chris funny bring it up mark Weinstein from the video our first of document actually coming on our show on August twenty yes it's going to be one hundred ten degrees out there to be honest at the guys John do you really think this is gonna happen now it and a hundred people go it's gonna be gridlock because there are no roads rice we're not talking interstate fifteen there's not there's not two six lane freeway is that you would be taking up there you'd think with a name like the extraterrestrial highway will be wide enough for you a photo land are but it's not are people going to be flying in for this like people that don't live here do you think that's I mean it's incredible Hey honey I'm I'm going away for a couple days really what are you doing I'm just gonna go check out some aliens gonna storm stormed at area fifty one inch I mean it's just it's weird so you don't think it's gonna happen it's not gonna happen I think something will happen but I would be surprised if thirty thousand people showed up and that's right at the Rachel International Airport as that would be ports quality to Nelly I haven't even had become yeah which is the other issue yeah that was a joke yeah I mean I guess you could land your your little propeller plane in the desert somewhere right it be illegal but I can't and landed on the road but he cut legal you could you could try and land in the Nevada test site by the way there's a runway there have you been to that place I think it's it's it's on the way I want to say to California near prim I think it's like alien beef jerky it's really good actually they have a store dedicated teacher key with driver moderate yeah it's awesome it's awesome it's really good I would actually storm that store right rather than area fifty one because the foods I get she gets a matter that the food is actually really good I think you're right I think you could end up being a Vegas destination they write and they'll end up here and they'll be some type of festivities going on and then it'll kinda like Peter out and nothing will happen with respect to anybody going up there so you're saying nobody in the studios ever been probed by an alien or or kidnapped or any of that sort I did say that I can speak for myself inside I don't think so well John is wearing a green shirt so easily look a little alien acid yeah absolutely well Mister shapers that what you got for us today my god for you college football season and I don't have time to go up there on a Saturday we'll talk about we're Saturday left until Christ football kicks off see what he's saying you're not you when all the football fans are using your Penn state got Ranma Penn state yeah have you do you go to all the football games I've never been to even alpha before the you why I mean that's like a coke and cheer I don't know why well let's say it is actually that that's the password is saying you know the football game last night I don't know why I mean they they seem to be doing so well they won so many games the last one of yours they don't have a great history but I do think they're gonna make a bowl game this year I'm pretty confident in this you could probably add up like five or six years you one of the football that's one season of wins for Penn state yes I'd like to go to a game they're fun they're fun and I think that Tony Sanchez not to

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