At Gilroy Garlic Festival vigils, residents pray for peace


Previous a vigil has been held in Gilroy for those killed and hurt in a shooting at the city's famous a garlic festival we know that the residents of your will come together grow stronger through this will be better because of it not better because of it two children and a young man were shot to death Sunday by nineteen year old who ended up getting shot and killed by police cop say it looks like the shooter fired into the crowd randomly twelve people were injured they also say the gun that was used in the shooting was an HK forty seven variant but did not have a switch to go fully automatic like a machine gun the gun was purchased legally in Nevada but taking a California illegally they say they still don't know what motivated the killer investigators are looking into the teens social media posts for clues minutes before the shooting he posted on Instagram information about a book from the nineteenth century which claims a race determines behavior some of this may be driven by in his mind this imbalance that white supremacists believe is going on where the white part of the population is losing ground ABC's Brad Garrett says the shooting at people in a mass way is a huge power surge and has something that it is something someone dies because they themselves feel

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