Going From Earth To The International Space Station, First With Russian Spacecraft, Now with SpaceX


Dragon two capsule in samba the niece spacecraft which were launched aboard a falcon nine rocket will allow america to finally fly at sunan crude to the international so space station without having to rely on russian soyuz rocket technology to get the america's been using the russian so us ever since it moth bowl the space shuttle fleet in two two thousand eleven no rule planning it being done for replacement so nassar awarded a bunch of contracts to private companies to provide crew in kaga transfer services to space station spacex and over the sciences eighty k. one the kaga contract spacex with passenger version of its dragon capsule the crew dragon into and boeing with a new spacecraft developed called the ceus t. one hundred style which will launch aboard an atlas five rocket that style liner and dragon will be reusable usable and capable of transferring the seven crew at a time between earth and the space station spacex have already carried at one unmanned test flight for the new crew dragon two capsule successfully launching to the space station automatically docking with it and then returning safely to the earth the company had planned to carry out its first manned test flight this month with regular crew transferred flies to the space station commencing by the end of the year but those plans were all scrubbed folly an explosion and fire which destroyed a crew dragon to capture during a lunch about ground test at cape canaveral in april. The failure was eventually traced to a problem with titanium vow system on the spacecraft super drako occur rocket launch abort system affixed has been developed but it converts the super drako rockets from reusable propulsion systems to single use only spacex have delivered a two and a half tons of supplies and equipment to the international space station. The flight nazi-era say team was the third mission for the same dragon captial it had previously flown on sierra's six back in april twenty fifteen and say are as thirteen in december twenty seventeen series eighteen blasted it off from space launch complex forty cape canaveral air force station in florida aboard a falcon nine rocket launcher being delayed by day following last minute scrub geeta bed with a ten nine eight seven by four three two one aw here vehicles pitching down ridge and there is successful liftoff of falcon nine carrying our our <hes> on a dragon spacecraft to the international space station network currently in a a what we call the throttle bucket and that's because in about thirty seconds we have an event called maximum dynamic pressure or max q. That's the point where the vehicle it was infrasonic the highest dynamic stresses so what we do is we bring down the engines a little bit pass through that point and throttle back up once the atmosphere her continues to drop off above that point vehicle is experiencing maximum aerodynamic so now we're through that point imagine to dynamic pressure now coming up are are a series of rapid events main engine cutoff than stage separation followed by second engine start of the second stage's merlin vacuum engine and then the first stage is gonna conduct boost back burn followed by a dragon nosecone deploy now managing cutoff or meco is where all nine merlin roland one d engines on the first stage will shut down followed shortly after that stage separation and then a few seconds later the merlin vacuum engine engine on the second stage will ignite to boost dragon into lower orbit in fact during a sent you heard the call out for engine chillan of that merlin vacuum engine stage separation from sort of and you can hear the cheers behind me. That's a successful start the of the merlin vacuum engine and boost back maneuver of the first stage shortly here. We should have nosecone deploy off dragon. We no longer need it now. That we're out of condense parts of the earth's atmosphere second-stage on its way to drop off dragon to its target orbit on the way to the international space station falcon nine first stage on its way to cape canaveral florida landing zone one for successful landing. Our first stage had an on-time launch at six so one p._m. Eastern standard time you just a few minutes trajectories. You had a nominal ascent an ideal stage separation. We just performed the first of three burns of the first day to boost back burn and we're a little more than a minute away from that second. Burn the in terms of fuel conservation nations only fire one merlin engine on this final burn engine number nine the center engine entry translate the orlando burn has begun stage two is entered terminal guidance the to note one hundred and the falcon has landed congratulations everyone here at space expert other successful landing for those as you keeping score this is our forty four successful first-stage recovery the secondary mission at space x vehicle ability back emission so back to our my primary mission orbital insertion we just had secondary engine cut off and you just heard the call out for a good orbit. That's fantastic that means that dragon reagan and the second stage are in low-earth orbit around the earth. Now the second stage does have one last major task for today's mission and that's commanding separation nation of the dragon spacecraft very shortly from now dragging separation confirmed signal. You can hear the cheers on count on one separation off dragging goes for mission to the international space station the dragon team doing little hand off with falcon there well the folk talkin nines first-stage returned to with performing a textbook landing on landing pad wanted cape canaveral dragon spacecraft continued to the international space station arriving two days later upon rendezvous dragon was grad by the opening opposite candid. I'm too and beth under the hominy docking module series eighteen delivered some one thousand one hundred ninety ninety two kilograms of scientific equipment and supplies as well as two hundred and thirty three kilograms of crew supplies one hundred and fifty seven kilograms of vehicle hot way for the space station seventeen kilograms of computer equipment and one hundred fifty seven kilograms of space walk equipment. The mission also carried the new international docking adept to three these new docking adapters raptors attached to the space station. How many modules to pressurized mating adapter docking ports. They'll enable dragon style spacecraft to dock autonomously the space station asian dragon will remain docked to the isis until august the twentieth when it will be undocked and then returned to earth karen completed experiments equipment science experiments servants included in the sierras eighteen manifest include the multi scale bowling experiment designed to use a laser to heat a refrigerant liquid in microgravity to trigger vapor bubble. The astronauts will then use a gray scale camera to track the bubbles formation and growth revealing the processes at work in order to better understand the seemingly simple but actually rather complex flick's process also boards the by rock experiment. It'll study how microbes feet on besset extracting ions food and forming biofilm scientists want wanna understand how altered states of gravity a thick this process another experiment will help scientists better understand the neurodegenerative effects of spaceflight the amyloid aggregation agregation experiment will try to understand why astronauts post-flight brain scans show changes similar to those of elderly patients suffering from alzheimer's meanwhile a russian in progress cargo ship carrying two point seven tons of food and supplies as also successfully launched and docked with the international space station but instead of taking two days to get the it didn't just three and a half hours to bits second umbilical tower. It started out. Come back yeah liftoff of the province progress seventy-three on its way amoco's space

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