The World's First Space Crime May Have Occurred on the International Space Station Last Year


NASA is investigating an American astronaut who may have committed a crime in space accessing her estranged spouses bank account from the international space station it definitely raises questions about other legal issues that arise when humans travel and even live in space mark son doll is the director of the global space law center at Cleveland state university he says jurisdiction in space is actually pretty straight forward we have a number of space treaties ending back in the sixties and seventies on the street is a very clear that the state of registry that is whatever country launches their space object and registers it done registry and you won has jurisdiction and control over that object and in this case I think we're talking about the American module of the international space station it's clear that under the treaty the US would have jurisdiction but I think come the interesting part of this conversation is that it's the beginning of the conversation this is the first potential crime and remember we're presumed innocent until proven guilty these are among American America's finest but it's so the first instance of a potential crime in space there will be others can you imagine scenarios where this could get complicated like if humans live or are even born in space like what countries would have jurisdiction in whose law would be observed jurisdiction will be pretty clear I think what will be more problematic is enforcement of the law imagine a permanent colony on Mars or the moon and there's a real crime maybe someone rips a hole in someone else's space suit on the surface of Mars and results in a homicide how will the court system operates I skied but then how can these be the impose will there be prisons are more swelling build prisons or will we will evolve into a new more suitable method of dealing with crimes those are big questions brings back to the present day twenty nineteen what's something that is already causing tension and space law right now right now there are a collection of new we called nontraditional space activities the typical use of space which everyone is familiar with the telecommunications remote sensing such as Google earth a GPS navigational systems now private companies and governments are doing things I have never been done before surgeons on orbit refuelling and repair satellites mining extraction of natural resources private space stations in position both on the moon around the installations on the surface of other celestial bodies all of these things are new and we are developing regulations here in the United States to deal with them domestically to make sure that we comply with our international obligations to continually supervise our national space but also internationally there or very fascinating discussions going on which I'm involved to begin to is create a regulatory framework for for instance asteroid mining in the extraction of water and ice on the moon well it clearly space law is big enough field already that you run this entire academic center dedicated to it I mean it's the feel big and how busy are you extremely busy there's a lot of activity and of course with the most recent wave of entrepreneurial activity yeah reusable rockets which lowers the barrier to cheating or but an entire new space age has been unleashed and we can only imagine what will happen in the

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