'We don't work for you': Neil Cavuto responds to Trump's attacks on Fox News


Trump needs fox. I think this part of him working the refs <hes> and there there are a lot of people there who like neil cavuto and <hes> brett brett baer who do really good work swallow journalists and chris wall scores but then the prime time programming like the other networks is opinion and that's that's very pro trump and that's never gonna change and trump's never there's no alternative fox i mean there's this <hes> one america network <hes> that he sometimes <hes> pitches are plays up but no one knows what that is no one's ever gonna watch that so th th this relationship there yoked together trump and fox. They're going to be tensions and trump. He watches all day long and he doesn't like seeing anything. He doesn't like seeing polls that he doesn't like. He doesn't like seeing democrats if he doesn't like them <hes> so this is legitimate on his part legitimate irritation but as i say it's also working the refs trying to get in their heads and if he can tilted even further in his direction

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