News in Brief 18 July 2019

UN News


This is the news in brief from the United Nations. Italy should rethink it stance on the rescue of migrants in the Mediterranean Sea U.. N. appointed independent rights experts have said citing with concern ongoing criminal proceedings against the captain of they vessel. He landed forty people on Italian territory last month in a joint statement on Thursday. The five experts who are appointed by member states of the Human Rights Council said that rescuing migrants in distress at sea is not a crime they highlighted the case of German airman skipper Kerala who was arrested in June after docking on the island of Lampedusa with her rescue vessel and dozens of migrants. Although a judge dismissed the charges against her she faces further hearings relating to endangering the lives of police officers. Says and facilitating illegal migration this kind of action puts the lives of thousands of migrants attempting to cross the C. At risk the experts said while also noting that the judge who released Misra Keti has herself being attacked in the media and by Interior Tyrian Minister Mateo Salvini the development follows Italy's decision last month to impose fines on vessels for every person rescued at sea and transferred to Italian territory which the rights experts said directly contravene. Italy's obligations is to respect the right to life to Myanmar now where conflict is reportedly ongoing between separatists and the country's military in Chin and raccoon states and girls as young as nine up being trafficked abroad for sex work as senior U.. N. appointed pointed independent investigators said on Thursday since January the total number of people displaced by the violence could be as high as fifty five thousand in the two States Special Rapporteur Young Hee Lee said less than two years ago more than seven hundred thousand ethnic. The hanger who are mainly Muslim driven from Raquin seeking shelter in neighboring Bangladesh in comments that followed her official visit to Thailand Malaysia Miss Lee said that she had been distressed to hear reports that very young girls and women have been traffic from northern Myanmar to neighboring countries for sex work years of conflict in northern Shan and Ketchikan have left families financially desperate making women and girls vulnerable to abuse the rights expert explained before urging the Association of Southeast Asian Nations ends or ASEAN to prioritize human rights in Myanmar and to encourage the country's authorities to do the same some at one point five million beyond my refugees now shelter in neighboring countries according to Miss Lee who said that in addition to people trafficking and smuggling thing the drug trade was a further example of deepening concerns and finally key parts of the global goals agenda linked to achieving zero hunger are off track the U._N.. Food and Agriculture Organization or F._A._O.. said on Thursday. For years since the international community agreed to seventeen sustainable development goals who's objectives include tackling food insecurity and poor nutrition F._A._O.. Says that a lack of progress is the nor in a new report the agency also warns of unsuccessful efforts to make farming sustainable as well as the long-term management of land and ocean based resources key findings from the study that covers some two hundred thirty countries include data that more than eight hundred twenty million people are going hungry hungry around the world that number has been rising for three years in a row and is back to levels seen in two thousand ten to twenty eleven F._A._O.. Says the percentage of hungry people has also slightly increased between two thousand fifteen and twenty eighteen to ten point eight percent sent among the reports other findings is the warning that sixty percent of livestock breeds are at risk of extinction in these seventy countries for which information is available examples include for Jerry cattle from Ethiopia or Bali's gambro goat according to F._A._O..

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