Trump gives Medal of Valor to officers who responded to Dayton shooting


Dot com resident trump the suit today presenting the medal of valor to six police officers to stop the mass shooting in Dayton Ohio and five civilians to help prevent more deaths in the mass shooting in el Paso Texas in a few moments I will award six police officers from Dayton Ohio with our nation's highest public safety award the medal of valor. I will also honor five Americans from el Paso Texas with certificates of commendation recognizing the civilians who displayed tremendous bravery earns about stray bullets growing in Loudon county after one hit a woman yesterday stray bullets from target shooters have hit a number of houses and all the and Leesburg yesterday one grazed a woman shoulder while she was standing on her property several hundred yards away from where her neighbors were doing target practice supervisor Ron Meyer it's strange from houses being hit almost monthly your being a part and it's only a matter of time before the injuries or here he says the problem is target shooters don't need anything to catch the bullets I'm really optimistic that we will get some sort of farming requirement for the supervisors and their session in

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