Trump takes personal jab at Republican challenger Mark Sanford


The clock as always Stephen Alexis ends trump is tweeting mockingly tweeting the fact that mark Sanford the former governor of South Carolina and former congressman who got primary in part by trumps the Twitter ness he's mocking the fact that Sanford have an affair. I ate the lack the lack of of self realization I mean Donald Trump has been married three times he had multiple affairs with countless women you think it shut the hell up. yeah well projection is one of president trump's best attributes you know how to do that better than anybody you can but you know push off his fault and other people as well it is a pretty remarkable that he would go down that road with mark Sanford given his own issues in his own background but that Donald Trump them all he does that all the time he is not afraid to go down that road but that's exactly doing in this case and I think your market for just like we what we talked about last week with Joe Wilson yes it was more than a week ago but he has the potential to be an irritant to Donald Trump and that's exactly what is being in this case Joe Walsh yeah Joe Walsh is well. and yeah I agree I agree and other public and and National Committee said this morning that they are inclined if not directly headed for no primaries at all no presidential primaries and just all delegates to be turned over to try. right away which is out of the ordinary I mean that happens pretty much when there's an incoming president they do go down that road I guess the difference here is is that you do have legitimate and illegitimate story once you have you have potential people that could cause problems the president trump and there are there's at least some desire within the party to see him challenged so it is on the order we should make too much of that but you know this is a symbol of how the Republican Party is coalescing around the president on how they're going to everything they can to protect him in this primary process of income that a strong as possible in the general election

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