An Interview With Nicholas Braun of HBO's 'Succession'


Peter travers is this is popcorn where i tell you what is popping in the culture and h._b._o. Has a show called succession which i love. I love every minute of it. I'd even seen the i five episodes of season two how you know things and my guest today nicholas braun place cousin greg makes him a fan favorite and one of the great things about succession. That's rare and television is that season two is better than season one. It's even more decadent than delicious a what do to you. Nick thank you so. Our work is done here all right. That's it. Well yeah thank you well. Let's start by saying the poor benighted souls that had had yet to watch it. They need to know cousin. Greg is yeah yeah yeah. Is this dude cousin greg so the shows about a very very wealthy family billionaire family the movie studios news networks newspapers and amusement parks cruises and cousin greg greg comes in luckily at the right time when the patriots of the family is giving his company to his next to the two one of his children altern and the other kids. Maybe want the job too but this kid kendall's gotten in the pilot. He's gotten chosen and greg comes in. He was working working in the amusement parks. He got a little bit too high. One day ended up throwing throwing up a publicly through his mascot costume through the eye. Holes has one you you know one of those bad trips <hes> we'd can do that. You know he hasn't seen the family and a while and he comes in and <hes> something about him. Strike slogan gene is appealing logan's play by brian cox the hidden in the headman turning eighty and at the end of the pilot everyone's thrown into flux and for whatever reason greg is still in the mix and so i guess that my my arc is sort of finding out. Can i stay in here get in deeper than she does because i think it's great that he can play dumb really well yeah. Is he playing window. You know well. No i mean there's calculation like no tomorrow to do that. So i was gonna say. Why did whoever said we. We want nick braun to play cousin greg. Was it about you that made them say. Nick must play cousin grech. What was that audition like. I got to use my nerves in the in the in the room with adam mckay and i got to be sort of. I got to transfer my nerves about out this thing wrong. This big audition into what greg is i think he's nervous in a room but i think he's also ambitious highly ambitious and and so the audition it was like i don't know i was i kind of let whatever comes out of greg's mouth whatever wants to come out and hung out an an atom gave me permission to and and so it was a lot of writers think that they should. They like <hes> improv going on. They do that then that's heaven to do that. Yeah they do like it. I do get recognized now as cousin greg. Are you walking around the city or and people say there. He is because we look at it. They love him yeah but nobody is really marley a model for anybody on this whole show. I don't know anybody anybody that you aren't suspicious too but yeah yeah do they come up and say cousin grad. They do yeah they shout cousin greg the show greg deeg so yeah i gotta the law. You're going to get the whole thing. You know. You're going to get the company you know. I think it should happen. I wonder if they even know 'cause you just been renewed for season season three. We have indeed yeah. Congratulations thank you. That's kinda great yeah. I've never been a part of some kind of is the new game of thrones just with people wearing suits and you know dragging insulator slogan. They're they're dragging unconcern. That's what kind of show is happening. It looks like everybody's having a fun time. Are they definitely yeah because it's a lot of improv. It's you know it's it's a lot of different personalities in a room <hes> different styles of acting. You know you're you're curious. Got one style and jeremy's army's got another and and brian is always ferocious in a room and every scene i get to do with matthew is just pleasure right yeah. I hear so you know there's a whole thing online that there should be a spin off with tom and greg yeah yeah. It's too premature. You know we still have now. Come out of romance left to well well. There's a lot of people think in the future. All the time. It's t big area is working. It can work again. Spend it all do that. Let's let's look at a clip from succession so that those people who have been because they'll look at it and they'll say i'm watching. What's it over. You can all watch it you okay. What's

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