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A lot of people have been asking remember back in back when the harvey weinstein seen firsthand and like the metoo movement was coming out <hes> i remember seeing headlines that were like when we'll video games have it's me too movement and people were just waiting for like p the names to drop often people to be like look this shitty this person did this thing <hes> and it never really seemed to happen despite a few stories and obviously documents around a few stories both about company cultures and individual people who've done pretty horrible things are are said to have done pretty horrible things but this really really feels like something is in the air <hes>. Have you guys seen all this stuff well. It's us fries. I've seen it. I guess i would echo what jason said that people should know that reporting stories like that take time and i'm sure there are people who are wondering when the stories will come but it's really hard to report out stories like this so i hope people will be patient. Hey sean if they don't already have stories up by the time you listen to this. It's certainly something we've seen. I'll say that yeah yeah. I've seen these stories too and i've just been reading them and sort of bearing witness. I see that as a kind of an important responsibility just they're really horrible. Stories and i believe the women who are telling them and i'm also not a reporter and you know not. I'm not working on stories about it but just can kind of. I don't know like that to me is the most important thing people can do or at least a lot of our listeners or is unimportant thing that our our listeners can do is just read the stories because they all seem pretty true to me so yeah. That's where i met on it <hes> yeah it's it's it's been it's been quite something and <hes> yeah. I think it's in general it's good to have a lot of this stuff out in the open. I think what's to say saying disinfectant. Dan sunlight is the best disinfectant yeah you know. I think that the <hes> there's there's a there's a sense that if more and more people talk about this kind of thing like if more women feel empowered to talk about it it will maybe make it less okay for people to do it in the future because i don't know i look at this and think what is the thing that can make people stop behaving this way like make men stop thinking that they can treat whatever subordinate employees are whoever like in this terrible way and clearly the that the metoo movement in general the fact that enough people feel emboldened to speak out makes it so there is now a climate where it's not okay hit act that way because if someone likes act that way or or does that kind of thing they will now think oh. This is not something that i can just like cover up forever or you know use my position position of power to hide now. There can look at all of these examples of times of this has come out and either. I need to stop doing this or you know it's gonna come out and they need to to not do it and that seems good like if nothing else comes from a whole lot of people coming on and telling stories like this. That seems like an actual concrete. Positive live thing that could happen so i'm hopeful about that. Yeah i think that's true but also it's not like can't be the only method because so many people who are abusive and in positions of power have figured out ways to manipulate the people around them and get supporters around them and like make you feel like so okay so one of just a ah. I'll speak and kind of vague terms here. I don't wanna get into specifics but like one

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