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Millions across the country hit with dangerous heat


Well it's not just Boston dangerous heat is blanketing the country from the plains to the east coast and there are serious concerns about the power grant fifteen million people are being warned across the United States about the heat index now imagine how many a Caesar running all at once in Boston Reid Lafferty with ever source says they're making all the necessary preparations will have additional demand on our electric system however we prepare year round for things like this so we are making sure we had made sure that our system can handle the additional electricity needs caused by heat waves Boston is in the grips of a heat emergency declared by mayor Walsh New York mayor bill de Blasio is asking tall towers to cool it he's ordered tall buildings higher than one hundred feet across the city to crank the thermostats up to seventy eight degrees while they search for ways to slash power consumption ABC's Erin to Turkey from New York the heat will undoubtedly tax the power system but the timing on a weekend means many office towers here don't have to be kept cool we expect demands this weekend to rival all time weekend peaks the system overall peace during the week day con Edison president him call the to clear the company prepared despite last Saturday's outage here in Manhattan that kept the swath of the city in the dark for several hours all of the infrastructure so shared with that event the power caring of the structure is back in service call the city is very confident the system is ready to

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