Purdue Pharma reaches tentative deal to settle opioid lawsuits


The maker of oxycontin Purdue pharma has reached a tentative settlement with about half the states and thousands of local governments and cut at connection with the nation's deadly opioid epidemic Purdue pharma has reached a tentative agreement with some plaintiffs to resolve widespread litigation over its alleged role in fueling the U. S. opioid crisis the company plans to fight state's opposing it settlement offer a bankruptcy proceeding starting as soon as next week we lawyers representing more than two thousand cities counties and other plaintiffs suing Purdue along with about two dozen states say they are on board with the offer from the company and its controlling Sackler family to settle lawsuits in a deal valued at up to twelve billion dollars more than a dozen other states remain opposed or are committed to the deal setting the stage for a legal battle over produce efforts to contain the litigation in bankruptcy court I'm Joe Ramsey state attorneys general are offering mixed opinions on that produce matter Pennsylvania one the state saying it was not part of the agreement dated twenty journal Joshua Piro says he intends to continue fighting the Sackler family the controlling family at Purdue pharma who he says did not have to acknowledge any wrongdoing in their agreement.

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