Whistleblower complaint about President Trump involves Ukraine


Quickly to the breaking news reporting yet again tonight. Washington Post is up front on this story reporting that a complaint about President trump from this yet unknown whistle so blower inside the administration involves a promise made to the nation of Ukraine the complaint according to the post centering on trump's communications with a foreign leader later. The complaint was made August twelve and B. C. News has compiled a list of the president's phone calls known to us and has so far confirmed that he spoke with at at least nine different world leaders during this relevant time period including a call with Ukraine's president indeed there on July twenty fifth one with Putin July thirty first also we should note that on August fifteenth former Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and his chief deputy the veteran sue Gordon left left the administration still with US Carol Lennox Phil Rucker Jeremy Bash as is frequently the case. I have more questions for our guests than time. Allowed so Carolina's Lennick here goes Congress truly does not seem to know and if the law works. They're not supposed to know the identity of this whistle blower. Do you get that same feeling about the White House. Oh deep breath. I would just say that we don't know for certain Brian. Here's one thing I wanNA say about the whistle blower however this person's in a bit of a bind agree with Jeremy Very brave person to put their neck out like like this and some intelligence operatives have essentially said this is a career defining moment you're skiing off the edge of a mountain and and there may be no turning back it. It seems like it is definitely within the houses ability to know exactly who this is. This whistleblower has some advocates in the in the Inspector General the Inspector General has basically sent a letter saying you know we'd like to send this whistle blower to you directly Congress if we're not allowed to tell you what this complaint is about out and that that may be something that's going on behind the scenes right now discussion about whether or not this whistleblower can come forward with their own complaints and figure this out with the committees right now at this moment the acting director of National Intelligence has not given any approval for that but that is one option for this whistle blower Jeremy Bash another aspect of whistleblower law there was rudy tonight on CNN speculating this was a Democrat holdover deep inside the administration used the phrase deep state again as everyone was expecting is he allowed to talk about whistle blowers that that way is there not some equivalent of witness intimidation in these cases while I think clearly they want to silence anybody who sees wrongdoing by the president azan or by somebody at the White House they want to silence that person they want to cover things up but I'd like to see the leadership of the National Intelligence Director off director's his office have at least as much courage bravery as this whistleblower one of their subordinates usually in military or intelligence organization you want the leader to have as much bravery and courage as one of the troops that they command so we need to see that leadership from the from the community from the community head Joe McGuire but we also need need to see the Justice Department and the White House step aside and let the law play out. I do want to emphasize what Carol emphasize earlier. which is that if you look at the July twenty fifth phone phone call between trump and Zalewski this is really potentially about a holding out the prospect that we would withhold military assistance from Ukraine Ukraine unless unless the Ukraine investigate Joe Biden who of course trump believes is the most direct threat to his reelection? That's what this is about this is this is the two thousand sixteen campaign all over again except this time trump is president. He's got military aid to hold as a weapon to achieve his objective okay Phil Rucker. Obviously an unsaid part of this is that there may be more there may be more individuals like this this our mutual colleague. Nicole Wallace reported after talking with two veterans of the Intel business that they keep noting. Here's another their phone call from inside the House saying the house is on fire and I am guessing fill the White House may be bracing for the fact doc that there could be more yet Bryan. They're always could be more with this. President and it's one of the main reason for that frankly is his lack of discipline in in his interactions with foreign leaders. This is not a president who reads from notes or who follow a script he sort of free wheels these conversations he thinks that makes makes him an effective leader and negotiator when he's going head to head face to face or you know the handset handset with a counterpart around the world but the problem according to people in the White House is that he he will oftentimes say things he's not exactly prepared to say or doesn't fully appreciate the ramifications of those comments we saw it very early on in the administration with that pretty raucous phone call he had with the then Australian Prime Minister the contents of which were reported soon thereafter in Washington Post and created a real diplomatic problem for the administration there could be many other instances of this and one other thing to keep in mind minded about the whistle blower and his or her say right now. This is an administration that has gone to extreme lengths to try to silence people who from the inside we'll try to tell the truth they investigate and try to rat out sources two journalists they try to withhold information from being sent to Congress they try to block testimony to the oversight committees in Congress and so you can expect that president trump also his top aides in the White House are going to do everything they can to find who this whistle blower and and punish this person or multiple people. If there's another occurrence hey gang we asked a lot of you tonight because we're covering this breaking news in real time it's all the fall of the Washington Post but our thanks go to Carol Lennick to Phil Rucker to Jeremy Bash for rolling with all of it. We greatly appreciate it coming up for US tonight a former. FBI This is special agent weighs in on just what we're talking about tonight what this means to the intelligence community when we come back this whistle blower is under what I can only imagine must be the most intense pressure because on the one hand there is this terrifying element called the espionage act and if you violated by sharing anything that is truly sensitive and endangers our national security. Iran world trouble the new reporting tonight that a presidential conversation involving Ukraine alarmed an intelligence official enough for that official to kick it up. The chain Clint Watts former. FBI VI special agent is here with us. He's also happens to be a distinguished research fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute and also happens to be the author of messing with the enemy surviving in a social media world of hackers terrorists Russians and fake news so we thought we would have you here and ask you is a whistleblower whistleblower considered the last line of defense would be would be seen as that way and particularly. I think in this circumstance if you look back what did we you just get done with two Plus Years Muller investigation where people were scrutinized publicly were brought out to Capitol Hill brought to so the Muller Committee questioned interrogated spilled out onto twitter so to make this decision to be very high level intelligence officer in

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