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Someone. Who's really committed so you know there's a lot of ways. I think that entrepreneurs can kind of keep keep putting the wind at their back and some of that framework what what's your take we we we get into this a lot and I think it's super important for anyone leading an enterprise that's growing. What's your take on bringing in people that have had a successful background in whatever it may be you need for your business verses grooming young people that just want a shot to shine if you could pick somebody ready and I know this is a broad question with a with a successful background that may come with you know you know tough tendencies to work with and such versus someone who's just looking up at you saying give me a shot. Who Do you taken why well I mean look I. I I think I think the the big picture answer here is that as an entrepreneur you're constantly trying to identify talent before other people identify it right because if you can find someone who's right right on the edge of having an inflection in their career you're effectively civilly. you know working with with an asset. That's about to appreciate dramatically. You put it in simple financial terms and by the way that person is hungrier because they're doing something they've never done before so feels like they're growing in their career. Generally speaking. I think that is always is always who is quite exciting now. That's not to say that you're not going to have to try to find people who have a super successful background and have done before. It's a balance you know. I'll give you an example our chief marketing officer. Antonio tone was formerly the Global Chief Marketing Officer Sir Puma for twenty years right okay. There's a guy who's at a very successful career long before whoop came along and so you know took five or six years of me getting to know him and spending a lot of time together to ultimately getting to recruit him to join whoop and finding an arrangement that made him you know energized now separately our VP of talent rob case I met him when he was bottom of the Totem Totem Pole twenty three twenty four years old at a recruiting firm and I said Hey I want you to come join whoop to help us with recruiting and you know he he was just super excited super energized and he became one of the hardest working guys in the organization fast forward three or four years later and he's now the youngest. VP woop and overseeing overseeing all of hr all recruiting and at helping a scale the organization so there you have two very different examples and I think they're both phenomenal. Phenomenal people have in the organization. Also I'll tell you one other thing about people I I always look for people that share two attributes and that's a high intensity and a high level of humility and actually those two do things tend to skew in the opposite direction. Normally you'll find people who are lower intensity higher humility or higher or higher intensity that city lower humility and when you find people that are have a high degree of intensity in high degree of humility. You've got this perfect balance for I think in particular Israel for early stage companies because you need people who are attacking their work every day but also have the humility to recognize they don't have all all the answers and there's people around them who may be right and they work collaboratively and and it creates a flatter hierarchy as well because people are comfortable challenging one another without the ego so trey is our producer trae. You pull down that clip right there. That's that's not Asli. I've never I've never heard it. Put like that but when you think about it intensity and humility melody you're absolutely right. Those two traits are very rarely combined and individuals and I was running through my head as you were speaking the individuals I know Oh that have those two things and number one. It's very few people number to those people are outrageously successful so trae pullback clip down. Please yeah I. I've never heard it explained that way either. Johnny and I think that that right the value of the podcast in that that clip alone will you just you. You just dropped some real nuggets for these these guys. They're going to be excited about that because that makes you kinda run a self check. You know if you're a person that has these aspirations that hey these are two things. I need to be real cognitive of as I as I push forward in my career I think anytime we can put stuff out there that people can put into play and run against against how they operate is is hugely valuable so thank you for that mine was. Where did you come up with the name at was is it early. I know this is like a real elementary question but I think a lot of people over think the brand names they or they they go with ones that don't catch or they. There's just so much that goes into from color scheme brand name the way that you present it to social media in the market in the strategy. It's like so was that obviously Tuesday work in progress but talk me through that like did you have a couple of names that you're looking at just really show up and say hey that's it. This is the the one county you give me some insight on that you know whoop was this word in college that all my friends and I would say to express like energy or excitement site -ment so people would literally say to each other you know hey how you feel and you got whooped for the match or like hey going out like you got whoop at so there's this this feeling of like energy or emotion behind it and it was somewhat viral word. Actually I just saw people when they heard that they started repeating eating it and that was the kind of thing that for me got me excited about about the word because ultimately you're trying to create something that Scales and so people are saying remembering it and repeating it. That's generally a good side. I also wanted to create something that could ultimately be a brand ed a could stand alone and didn't have a lot of meeting already associated with it so it's so all of those things made me love love the name whoop and it serves us well because it tends to make people smile and a people tend to remember it. I'm going to add to that real quick before you go because that's one of the things I love about. That's was such an organic thing that was in your life that you recognize that was essentially like squash a slang slash slang around your campus that had invoked a meaning for you and you're like wait a second this could be. I could get behind this because of these things things that are personable in it could move to me recognizing that in the giving you a smile when you say it probably still to this day because as of that that to me is everything man when you can make organic in it feels like that and then go do what you did with it once again. These are these are great commanded that that to me. That's why that question because I think there's a lot of these things right underneath people's noses in their lives and missile

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