Disney Offering Bundled Deal For Cable Cord Cutters

Dishin' Digital


Addition digital brought to you by h new york's ultimate cameras superstar disney is turning up the heat in the battle for cable cord cutters. It's november debut. You of disney plus will cost seven dollars a month but disney says you can also get it as part of the discounted bundle with e._s._p._n. Plus an ad supported version of hulu for thirteen dollars a month that saves you five dollars. If you were to buy all three services separately and that's the same price netflix most popular standard plan the move from disney comes as apple gets ready to launch its own streaming service this fall and as n._b._c. universal will debut its own offering next year disney says it's also considering reboots of fox franchises like home alone night at the museum in diary of a wimpy kid. The house of mouse bought twenty first century fox for seventy. One billion donner's earlier this year dishing digital. I'm palmer dane and there's more at w._c._b._s. Eighty dot com slash dish in digital.

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